White-Label Solutions

For Agencies, Digital Consultancies & Resellers


Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us

Are you a media agency or digital consultancy that needs to reach Chinese audiences through verifiable online channels? We’re here to help.

Eastward Media operates as a white-label media supplier, helping agencies satisfy client briefs to reach Chinese consumer audiences worldwide. Honoring agency relationships, we work behind-the-scenes to plan strategy, write copy and execute powerful campaigns. Think of us as an extension of your team.

As a trusted agency partner, our teams have worked with shops representing some of the largest brands in the world. China’s media landscape is immensely complex and tightly regulated, we can help your agency make sense of it and tap into the Chinese consumer. Let’s talk.

Based in Vancouver, Canada – a city long known as the Gateway to Asia – Eastward Media is a division of Glacier Media Group, one of Canada’s largest publicly-traded information communications companies.

Chinese Programmatic DSP

We buy digital placements behind the Great Firewall to reach Chinese audiences around the world through their favorite Chinese websites and platforms.

WeChat & Weibo Social

We open, manage and grow accounts on these social media platforms to drive buzzworthy conversations in Chinese communities worldwide.

Baidu Search Engine Marketing

We help brands advertise on China’s largest search engine to convert awareness into business action.

Creative Services & Translation

We produce stunning visual brand assets and write compelling Simplified Chinese ad copy.