Our Publishers & SSPs

Our Publishers & SSPs

Premium, Trusted Publishers to Reach Chinese Audiences
We help agencies and brands access China's top publishers and content platforms

Eastward Media’s managed programmatic guaranteed solution taps into the ad inventories of China’s top publishers.

We’ll help your agency or brand reach Chinese consumers on the Chinese websites, mobile apps, and video streaming platforms that they use the most.

Target Chinese consumers in China, the United States and Canada with Eastward Media.

Brand safety & verification comes standard with every campaign

Each campaign managed by Eastward Media is verified our ad-tech partners to ensure brand safety and delivery.

We use Oracle Grapeshot, Peer39 and AdBugTech to filter out bot traffic and fraudulent clicks. 

We can also layer on DoubleClick Campaign Manager and Floodlight Activities to measure campaign performance in real-time and track on-site conversions.

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