Chinese Programmatic DSP

Unparalleled Behavioral Targeting


Reach Chinese Audiences on their Favorite Websites & Platforms

Chinese audiences in Canada and the United States exhibit strong content preferences, choosing most to use websites and platforms like YouKu, Tudou and WeChat instead of North American equivalents.

This presents a challenge for brands and marketers because those sites are behind China’s Great Firewall, making them off-limits to DSPs in the United States and Canada. Simply put, on their own, brands and marketers are severely restricted in their online reach of Chinese audiences in North America.

Eastward Media has the solution. Our Chinese Programmatic product enables North American brands to reach Chinese audiences in North America through display advertising powered by machine learning.

Powered by B.A.T.

We use real-time data from Chinese internet giants Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent for our ad campaigns.

City Geotargeting

We can target Chinese audiences by where they live in the US and Canada, through their digital devices.

98.7% Network Access

We advertise on nearly all Chinese websites to develop a ubiquitous presence for your brand.

Tracking Integration

Our platform is fully compatible with Campaign Manager by Google, with exportable log files for DMPs.

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Conversions

Real-Time Reporting

As digital marketers, we understand that data transparency is most important. That’s why our Chinese Programmatic DSP solution is fully compatible with Campaign Manager by Google, to show verified performance metrics.

First-Party Data for DMPs

Our Chinese Programmatic DSP empowers client DMPs with valuable first-party data about Chinese consumer audiences across the United States and Canada. Through exported log files, we enable marketers to unify, segment and activate campaign-generated data insights.

Design for Impact

We produce impactful Simplified Chinese creatives to effectively communicate your brand's message across digital screens.

Target for Accuracy

Powered by real-time targeting data from Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, our algorithms clearly identifies your target audiences.

Serve for Response

We serve your ads across the digital screens of Chinese audiences in North America, optimizing for reach and user response.

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